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Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology offers a view of life within the metaphor of the Soul’s Journey toward liberation, integration, wholeness, and joy.  It is postulated that the Soul in consultation with guides and teachers decides which area of personhood to focus on and develop within a lifetime.  Then the moment and place of birth determines which stars and planets will be in what configuration from the point of view of that baby that is YOU diving into the fray of this level of existence, which is characterized by change, challenge, and conditioning. 

So a certain curriculum of life is established which you can sign up for if so desired. Astrology helps you remember that curriculum, as well as the textbooks, assignments, study aids, and test material. If you do well, you will feel more and more the authentic, the real YOU, who has mastered the skills of being that unique Person. It won’t be painless or easy, but if you don’t choose to accept the “mission impossible,” you will also experience the difficulties of life, but you will be entangled in the “tar baby” of confusion, resistance, anger, and despair at times.  So astrology can be an incredible tool for growth as well as for facing reality and mastering life.

The understanding of astrology has been a balm for me and a guiding star in my life, which as all lives do, has had its share of trauma, angst, confusion, and wandering. Most of this has been due to the teacher-student relationship with Steven Forrest, now world-renowned astrologer of note, and one of the founders of the path of Evolutionary Astrology. I met Steve in 1979 and became an avid receiver of his readings and student in his classes.  I often spoke of absorbing astrology “like a sponge,” and it was just a natural for me, especially in the way that he conceives and speaks of it.  For much of my adult life, I have been able to form an understandable template for life’s vagaries because of this influence.


For the last ten years, I have been fortunate to attend an annual astrology apprenticeship program that he has been offering in Durham, and my skills as an interpreter have been developed and honed by this experience.   I feel now ready to try my own wings and offer readings, consultations, and classes. My style is a little different from Steve’s, mostly in the dynamic of being more a conversational approach.

Here are some of the ways that seeing life through the evolutionary astrology template can benefit you, as it has me.

Help with how to win friends and influence your own best self.
A blueprint for your inner dream house.
A kindness of understanding.
Laurie Lindgren, Three Streams Welness, Evolutionary Astrology
A rosetta stone of the soul
Advice to the lovelorn
A raft in the storms of life
A lost well of magical nourishment in the deep woods.
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